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To turn the ceiling mounted projector on:

  • Tap the PROJ ON button. The image will appear in about 60 seconds.

To show the tech cart computer image:

  • Tap the PC button.

Note: To show the image only on the computer, make sure the projector is off, and then tap the PC button.

To show the laptop image:

  1. Attach your laptop to the cable provided, and then tap the LAPTOP button.
  2. Check your laptop resolution to make sure it is 1280x800. If the image does not appear, tap FN + F? (e.g., Fn + F8) on the laptop to toggle through the display settings.    

To show a DVD video:

  1. Put the DVD in the DVD player.
  2. Tap the DVD button. The DVD image will appear on the local monitor.

Note: All DVD controls are available on the touch screen.

To show a video source:

  1. Connect the RCA cables to the front rack panel.
  2. Tap the AUX VIDEO button. The image will appear on the screen.      

To black-out the screen:

  1. Press the PICTURE MUTE button.
  2. To display the image, press the PICTURE MUTE button again.

To adjust the volume:

  • Use the volume controls on the touch screen.

Note: The VOLUME MUTE button only mutes PC, laptop, and DVD audio. It does not mute microphone audio.

To preview sources:

  1. Press for two seconds the button that matches the source you want to preview. (e.g., If you want to preview a DVD, press the DVD button.) 
  2. When you are ready to project the source to the screen, press the same button again, but do not hold it.

When you are done:

  1. Log off the computer properly.
  2. Remove all USB devices, videotapes and discs from their appropriate places.
  3. Press the PROJ OFF button.


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