Virtual Lab (VLab) Quick Start Guide

VLab allows you to access some of the University-licensed software programs on CedarNet from your personal computer instead of using a University-provided computer in a computer lab or classroom.

See the Printable Instructions for VLab easy installation and usage. Instructions are available for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Note: If you have used VLab in the past and have recently updated your computer to Windows 10, you will need to download the newest Citrix receiver. Install the new receiver by double-clicking on the CitrixReceiver.exe file.

VLab offers the following software:

  • ArcCatalog 10.7
  • ArcGlobe 10.7
  • ArcMap 10.7
  • ArcScene 10.7
  • AutoCAD 2020
  • Command-line Maple 2019
  • Engineering Equation Solver
  • IBM SPSS Statistics 26
  • Management Scientist
  • Maple 2019
  • Matlab R2019b
  • Quartus II 72sp3 Web Edition
  • Solidworks 2019
  • TKSolver 50
  • Wintorgr
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