Google Quota FAQ

When are we implementing quotas?

  • Current students - Starting August 24, 2022, your Google account storage quota will be set to 15 GB.  This includes Google mail, Google Drive and photos.
  • Alumni - Starting March 1, 2023, your Google account storage quota will be set to 15 GB. This includes Google mail, Google Drive and photos.
    Starting June 1, your account will be fully locked. You will not have any access to your Cedarville account.
    Starting October 2, the full contents of your Cedarville account (Email, Google Drive, Google Photos) will be deleted.

What happens if I exceed my quota?

  • Gmail: You will still be able to send and receive email.
  • Drive: You won’t be able to upload or create new files in Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, or Forms.  You also won’t be able to edit or copy any files.
  • Photos: You won’t be able to add any more or backup existing photos or videos. 
  • When your account is 80%-100% full, in-app notifications will be visible in both Drive, Photos, and Drive for Desktop to warn you of disruption of these services.

How can I see my quota and how much space I'm using?

  • Click on the "Storage" menu along the lower left side of the screen.
  • You should see a line across the top of the screen that displays how much space you’re using out of your total quota.  Hover over each area of the line to see how much storage you’re using in Drive, Photos and Gmail.

How can I free up space to get below my quota?

  • Delete files from your Google Drive.  To free up space, go into your "Trash" in Google Drive, and right-click on specific files and folders. Select "Delete Forever," or click the "Empty Trash" button to delete everything in the "Trash" folder.
  • Migrate your files from Google to Microsoft using  You can use this web-based tool to migrate your files and folders from your Google Drive to your Microsoft Onedrive account.  Details can be found here.
  • Transfer Gmail and Drive data to a personal account.  In your school account (, go to Transfer your content under Data and privacy and select Start transfer.  Refer to the article Transfer your Google School Account to a Google Personal Account for instructions.
  • For Google Photos, use Google Takeout to download data from your Google account. Reference the article. Move Google Photos to OneDrive for details.
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