Set Up and Use Two-Factor Authentication (TFA)

Two-factor authentication (TFA) is an additional security method that Cedarville is promoting in order to increase University account security for participating students, faculty, and staff. 

The two-factor name describes the addition of a second layer of authentication applied to your account as described below.

  • First factor: Use your CedarNet username and password to log in to your University accounts (e.g., CedarInfo, email, Moodle).
  • Second factor: Confirm your identity from a landline or cell phone, tablet, or token (e.g., through a mobile app, call, text message or generated code). 

If you have general questions about TFA, please visit the Two-Factor Authentication (TFA) FAQ help page. If you need help troubleshooting common problems with TFA, please visit the Two-Factor Authentication (TFA) Troubleshooting help page. Otherwise, use the following sections to set up TFA on at least two devices.

Authentication Options Available to You

When you set up two-factor authentication, you will be asked to choose which method you would like to use to verify your identity. The authentication options available to you are listed below.

  • Mobile app (Recommended): There is a Duo app that you can download to a smartphone or tablet. This app allows you to verify your identity directly from your mobile device with a simple tap.
  • Text message: When you try to log in to your account, you can select to have a text message sent directly to your phone with a passcode. (When you receive the passcode, you will enter it on a screen that appears when you try to log in - the passcode will be different each time you have to authenticate.) 
  • Phone call (Not recommended): You can select to authenticate through a phone call. With this option, you will need to answer the phone call and then press any digit on your phone to gain access (e.g., office phone and/or home phone).  However, this method is NOT recommended by Information Technology. IT recommends the mobile app-based Duo Push and Passcode methods.
  • Token: This is a small, handheld device (about the size of a flash drive) that generates automatic passcodes for you as you try to access your account. With this option, all you have to do is press a button on the token to generate the passcode that you will enter to receive access. Information technology provides tokens for $20. If you would like to use a token, submit a service ticket requesting this option.

Warning! Information technology strongly recommends that you set up at least two methods to authenticate with TFA. That way, you will have multiple ways you can verify your identity when trying to access your Cedarville accounts. If you only set up your cell phone, for example, and your battery dies or you don't have your phone with you when you log in to your email, you will not be able to verify your identity until the phone is restored. If you plan to purchase a new phone, please contact information technology ahead of time at 937-766-7905, so we can transition TFA to your new device.

Download the Mobile App

If you have a smartphone or tablet and plan to use the mobile app, downloading the app beforehand will make the setup process much easier.

To download the app for iOS (iPhone or iPad):

  1. Launch the "App Store" on your device.
  2. Search for "Duo Mobile."
  3. Once the app appears, tap [Get] > Tap [Install].

To download the app for Android:

  1. Launch the Google Play store on your device.
  2. Search for "Duo Mobile."
  3. Once the app appears, click [Install].

Set Up Two-Factor Authentication

If you have a smartphone or tablet and plan to use the mobile app, be sure to complete the steps in the "Downloading the Mobile App" section above before proceeding. If you have already downloaded the app or plan to use a landline, regular mobile phone (non-smartphone), or token, follow the steps below. 

To set up two-factor authentication:

  1. Navigate to CedarInfo.
  2. Log in with your CedarNet username and password.
  3. Under "Security and Privacy," select "Two Factor Authentication."
  4. Once you have clicked the link within CedarInfo, if you get a message that reads "Disabled," click [Enable Two Factor Authentication] if you would like to set up TFA.
  5. Click [Start setup].
  6. Select the type of device you want to use to verify your identity > Click [Continue]. (If you plan to use a token, you will be able to select this option later.)
  7. Based on which device you chose, follow the prompts on the screen to complete the setup process for TFA.

Note: There will be three tabs at the top of the page; the third one that reads "Two Factor Authentication" should be active. Use the first tab to Change Your Password, and use the second tab to Update Your Security Questions.

Use Two-Factor Authentication

Once you have completed the setup process for two-factor authentication, you can complete the following steps each time you want to log in to your University email account (or whichever account you want to access that is set up under TFA).

To use log in using two-factor authentication

  1. Access the site/account that you would like to log in to.
  2. Enter your CedarNet login credentials > Click [Log in] or [Authenticate].
  3. If TFA is set up for the account you have tried to log in to, a page will appear that requires you to confirm your identity.
  4. If you would like Duo to remember the current device you are using for 14 days, check "Remember Me" before proceeding.
  5. Based on which authentication method you chose when you originally set up your account (through text message, phone call, etc.), you will need to select the proper option and complete the necessary steps.
    • Duo Push (Recommended): Access the Duo app on your smartphone > Click "Accept."
    • Phone call (NOT recommended): Select this option ("Call Me") > You will receive a phone call.
      • NEW: When you receive the call, press "1" to complete the authentication and access your acount. If you receive a phonecall from Duo when you were NOT logging into your account, press "9." This will notify Duo that an unauthorized user is trying to access your account.  Please note this method is NOT recommended by Information Technology. IT recommends the mobile app-based Duo Push and Passcode methods.
    • Text message: select "Enter a Passcode" > Click [Send codes] to receive a text message with  passcodes (you will receive a text with ten passcodes that you can use for future logins) > Enter the first code into the text box > Click [Log In].
      • Note: When you receive the text message with the passcode, you will see a total of ten different passcodes. If you want to use each of these passcodes in future logins (rather than receiving a new text message every time you want to log in), you can do so by noting the message on the Duo screen that says "Next SMS passcode starts with..." next time you log in.  If it says that it begins with "4," for example, open the text message you originally received, find the one that begins with "4," and then enter that passcode on the duo screen. Once you have used all ten passcodes, you will need to click [Send codes] again to receive a new set of passcodes.
    • Token: Click the dropdown menu next to "Device" and select "Token" > Click the button on your token and enter the passcode.
  6. Click [Log in]. You should arrive at your account.


Additional Questions?

If you have questions, please contact information technology at 937-766-7905 or email TechHelp. If you experience problems, please submit a service ticket.

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