CedarPrint: Set Up and Use Mobility Print on an Android Device

Note: With the sunset of Google Cloud Print in December 2020, Mobility Print is the preferred option for Android Devices.

Mobility Print allows you to send print jobs to CedarPrint from your Android device. 

Set up Mobility Print on Android

Install the Mobility Print app from the Google Play Store:

  1. Open the Google Play Store app on your Android device
  2. Search for "Mobility Print" (or click the following link: Mobility Print)
  3. Select "Install" to install the Mobility Print app. 
  4. Wait for the application to download and install on your device

To configure the Mobility Print app to work with CedarPrint:

  1. Open the Mobility Print app from the App Drawer on your Android device
  2. Review the instructions in the app, and then tap the "Android Settings" button to set up the Mobility Print service
  3. The button will take you to the Printing section of your Android Settings app. 
  4. Tap "Mobility Print" in the list of print providers
  5. Toggle the switch at the top of the screen to enable the Mobility Print service.

To print from an Android device to CedarPrint using Mobility Print: 

  1. Before printing, ensure that you are connected to the eduroam wireless network. (Connection Instructions)
  2. Open a document, picture, or email that you would like to print, and use the share button to open the sharing options
    Note: this button is located in different places, depending on the app you'd like to print from
  3. From the sharing options, find "Print" and select it
  4. A list of printers should appear.
  5. Select "CedarPrint" or "CedarPrint Color" from the list. 
  6. If prompted, use your Cedarville University username and password to authenticate in the Mobility Print app
  7. Your job will be sent to the CedarPrint queue for release at one of the 15 CedarPrint stations around campus. 
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