Privacy Permissions (Students)

As a student of Cedarville University, you have the option to grant permission for your parents (and other authorized individuals) to discuss your records with certain University offices. You can also grant your parents’ permission to view your electronic records, such as academic and financial information. To grant or remove these permissions, you can use the “Manage Privacy Permissions” transaction located in the myCU portal.

To Grant Parents Online Access to Your Records (Step #1): 

Students can grant parents or other authorized individuals access to view financial, academic, and residence life records through myCU portal.

  1. Open a web browser, navigate to myCU portal > Log in using your CedarNet full email address and password.
  2. Type "Parent Access" in the search bar, select the "Grant Parent Access" menu tile. 
  3. On the page that appears, select the tab "1. Grant electronic access"
  4. For each parent or individual, you can "Grant access" or "Remove access" to your financial, academic, and residence life records by clicking the appropriate link under the "Action" heading. 
  5. Once you click to grant or remove access, you will see a confirmation screen. To arrive back at the electronic access page, simply click the "Grant electronic access" tab. 

.NOTE:: If you have a parent that does not show up on the screen or the list is empty, select the "CedarInfo: Update your family information" transaction near the bottom of this page.  This transaction will allow you to add your parent information and link it to your student account.  This may take 1 to 3 days to complete this process.  Please come back to this process step in one or three business days to continue this procedure.

NOTE:  If your parent (or another designated individual) does not yet have a CedarNet account (indicated by the words "not yet created" in the "Username" column), then once you click to grant access (step 4 above), a username and password will be created automatically and emailed to you for you to pass on to your parent. 


 To Grant Parents Permission to Discuss Your Records (Step #2) : 

Students can grant parents or other authorized individuals access to communicate with individual CU offices such as Financial Aid, Student Life, Cashiers, etc.

  1. If you are currently logged in and just granted electronic access(referenced in Step # 1) go to Step 5.
  2. If you are not logged in, open a web browser and navigate to myCU portal > Log in using your CedarNet full email address and password. 
  3. Type "Manage Privacy" in the search bar, select the "Manage Privacy Settings (Students)" menu tile. 
  4. Select the tab "2. Grant discussion permission" .
  5. The name of anyone that is connected to your account should be listed in the provided table.
  6. Choose a code word and enter it in the designated text field > Click [Submit Codeword]. In order for a parent or another individual to discuss student information with the departments the student selects. That parent or person will have to confirm the code word before a conversation can proceed. Students can update the code word at any time. 
  7. To grant or modify consent for parents or other specified individuals, click the appropriate link for "Grant or Modify Consent" under the "Action" heading. 
  8. After you choose to either grant or modify consent, a second screen will appear where you have the opportunity to customize your parents access.
  9.  You can select any or all of the departments listed by clicking the associated check box for each department that they may speak with.
  10. In the table on the "Grant discussion permission" page, there should be a green check mark for any permissions you have granted. If you would like to modify the consent for any individual, simply click the appropriate link under the "Action" heading. 

NOTE:If you wish to add an individual who is not a parent, click the designated link "Click HERE" near the bottom of this page. In order to add a parent see the note above.


NOTE: Next to each office name, you will see the information icon (gray circle with an "i"). Hover your mouse over this icon to read about which information the office would grant. Any changes you make will be processed once you click [Submit Consent] near the bottom of the screen. If you did not make any changes, click [Return to List] to arrive back at the original "Grant discussion permission" page. 


If you would like to add a Grandmother, Grandfather, Guardian, Financial Advisor, or other significant person to access your account information, submit a service request to Information Technology.

  1.  Open a web browser, navigate to myCU portal. 
  2. Type "Request Service From IT" in the search bar.
  3. Select the category "Accounts & Access".
  4. Select "Accounts & Access: Ask for Help"
  5. Complete this Form. Short Description= Add Grandfather to my student account.  Description: Please grant my Grandfather access to my student account.  The following information must be included for each individual you wish to add to your account: (First and Last Name, Full Address, Best Telephone Number, and Full Email Address. If you could include their birthday, that would be very helpful.)
  6. Select "Request"
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