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In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), Cedarville University is committed to respect the rights of our current students and our Alumni. FERPA gives students the right to keep their financial information private. However, our students have the option and may grant someone else access to their student and financial information. This access is granted through the myCU portal task "Manage Privacy Settings."

"Manage Privacy Settings" Task Details

Within the “Manage Privacy Settings” task, there are two main tabs that students can select to specify which permissions they would like to grant to another person. The first tab--"Grant electronic access"--allows students to grant or remove parent access (or other specified individuals) to their electronic records (e.g., academic and financial information). The second tab, "Grant discussion permission" allows students to select whether their parents (or other specified individuals) can discuss personal information with certain departments around campus in association with their records. These departments may include Financial Aid, Cashier’s Office, University Medical Services, and Student Life.

Staff members at Cedarville University will see a third tab when they access the “Manage Privacy Settings” page. This tab titled "View Student's Consent" allows staff members to search for and view the permissions that our students have granted to an individual. These departments are Cashiers, Financial Aid, Registrar, Student Development, The Cove, or Disability Services, Information Technology, and University Medical Services. They will need to validate that those permissions have been properly granted by our students when someone calls to discuss a student's records. 

Detailed Instructions

For instructions on how the new Privacy Permissions transaction works for students, parents, and University staff, please visit the following help pages.

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