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Security Questions

It is very important to keep safety and security options up-to-date.  Cedarville highly encourages students, as well as faculty and staff members, to protect your student and personal information. 

Take a few seconds to set up security questions for your protection.

  • Navigate to your CedarInfo Main Menu
  • Navigate to the "Security & Privacy" section . 
  • Select "Change your Security Questions".  
    • There are four (4) question banks that you can choose from to set up your security questions.

Microsoft Security Essentials

Cedarville offers a computer protection suite that safeguards computers from viruses and other threats. Microsoft Security Essentials is free and is easy to install on your device.

DUO Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication (TFA) is an additional security method that Cedarville promotes in order to increase University account security for participating students, faculty, and staff.

The two-factor name describes the addition of a second layer of authentication applied to your account as described below:

  • First Factor: Use your CedarNet username and password to log into your University accounts (e.g. CedarInfo, email, Moodle).
  • Second Factor: Confirm your identity from a landline, cell phone, tablet, or token (e.g. through a mobile app, call, text message, or generated code).

The article, Set Up and Use Two-Factor Authentication will provide information on how to setup and use this FREE additional security layer to your personal information.

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