Get Connected

Eduroam Wi-Fi

Anybody with a CedarNet credentials can get connected with Cedarville's Wi-Fi network, "eduroam", by using their CU email address and password. The eduroam network is secure and also available in other universities throughout the world. For more information, visit this article, Connect to the Eduroam Wireless Network.

Network Drives

Cedarville offers network drives access from both University computers and personal devices, whether Mac or PC. For more information on the J:, S:, and T: drives, visit Access Network Drives on Personal Laptop.

Network Use

Cedarville University provides students with network access, and holds certain expectations for how the network is to be used. Students are prohibited from accessing pornographic websites or unauthorized data. Students are expected to show stewardship and responsibility toward computers and the sites that they access. For more information, please visit Acceptable Network Use.

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