Copper and Fiber Optic Connections for NewsRoom and Broadcast Trailer

There are two broadcasting and video setups on campus that use unique network configurations: 

  • Broadcasting trailer, owned by the Communications Dept, used for broadcasting athletics events
  • Newsroom & Portable Streaming Setups, owned by Marketing, and used for campus events


  • Contacts: Shawn Rifner, Darren Miller (athletics)
  • Connects to a building that it parks at via a long copper cable kept in the trailer. 
  • Connects to ports in: 
    • ENS: ENS-1st.sw1:5/33
    • CAL: (any port)
    • APP: (not sure)
  • Usually requires a port on the acad_cal vlan


  • Contacts: Mark Tucker, Chad Jackson
  • Permanent connections in Library
  • Can connect to an outside video source or destionation on strands 18-24 of LB-dock/LB-ll fiber.
  • There are LC/ST cables hanging in the LB-dock closet in the correct strands
  • These strands are patched in LB-ll to the first 6 strands of LB-ll/LB-media.

Portable Streaming Devices (Tricaster)

  • Contacts: Mark Tucker, Chad Jackson, Rob McDole
  • Static IP addresses for each building they use, including: 
    • TYL: -
    • DMC: -
    • SSC: -
    • LB: -
  • They plug into a spare port and configure for the network they are using.
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