Google Apps: User Information Privacy

Cedarville University has signed a contract with Google that obligates Google to maintain the confidentiality of your data.

  • In order to create a Cedarville Google account, the University provides Google with your name and username. Google does not receive any other personal information about you.
  • Logging into a Cedarville Google account uses a Cedarville server. Your password is never sent to Google.
  • Google Apps for Education is a product suite that is distinct from public services (Gmail, calendar, search, etc.) provided by Google. Google does not cross-reference data between the Apps environment and the public environment.
  • Data generated by using Google Apps for Education (mail, calendar, drive, etc.) will not be used by Google for marketing purposes nor will the data be shared with third parties.
  • When you are using Google Apps for Education, you control the retention of data. You may delete messages, documents, and other materials at any time.
  • For additional information on security and privacy in Google Apps for Education, see this Google Apps for Education webpage.
  • For information on what Google does when the government requests user information, see this official Google blog post.


For legal compliance reasons, the University will capture some material generated in Google Apps for Education by non-student employees. This capturing does not apply to students or alumni.

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