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Admissions Slate Schedule Generator

Support documentation for the Slate Schedule Generator, a software solution that accepts prospective student visit schedule data from Slate and generates a formatted PDF schedule for each student based on an HTML template.

Adobe Creative Cloud Installation

This article explains the new process of how to install the Adobe Creative Cloud on University-owned faculty and staff computers.

Citrix Workspace App for Vlab -Mac

Installation procedure for Workspace App for Mac.

Citrix Workspace App for Vlab -Windows

Installation process for Citrix Workspace App for Windows systems

Creating Requisitions When Working Remotely

This article provides procedures and tips for creating requisitions, scanning documents via mobile phone, creating PDFs, downloading Adobe Acrobat DC, creating a sign-and-fill PDF for electronic signature, adding a signature to a non-fillable PDF via an iPad, and instructions on retrieving an online statement through SDG2.

PowerPoint: Create a Looping Slideshow

A looping slideshow displays each slide automatically for a certain amount of time.

Teleconferencing Tips

Tips when hosting a video/teleconference

Tools for Reaching Others

Cedarville has several resources for providing teleconferencing/telemeeting capabilities. This page will identify those options and help you select the one that will meet your needs.

Troubleshooting Steps for Canvas Exams Proctored by Proctorio

Steps for troubleshooting issues with Canvas exams proctored by Proctorio.