Email sender address is wrong when sending an email

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Whenever user sends an email from their student account, the sender address appears as something other than their real name (e.g. "DHL package"). This can happen if someone logs into the user account and wants to start sending spam emails from their account. They will change what the sender address looks like to make people be more likely to open the emails.

Here's how you can fix it. While in your email, click on the gear on the right side of your Gmail window and then select Settings. Click on the Accounts link across the top of the page. You should see an entry next to the "Send mail as" section with the incorrect wording in it. Click the "edit info" link to the right of it to clear out that information and make sure the correct one (the one with your name) is selected. Save those changes and that should do it. You might send a test message to a friend to make sure it's correct.

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