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Using Mover.io is great for transferring Google Drive files to OneDrive. Unfortunately, Google Photos is not included in this transfer. The following instructions walk through how to move your Google Photos to OneDrive without using Mover.io

Use Google Takeout to Make a Copy

  1. Navigate to takeout.google.com
  2. Under "Select data to include" click [Deselect all]
  3. Scroll down and check the box next to "Google Photos"
  4. Scroll all the way down and click [Next step]
  5. Under "Transfer to:" Select "Send download link via email"
  6. Under "File size:" select 4 GB (Selecting larger would create fewer folders to manage but may be too large to download)
  7. Leave all other options the same and click [Create export]

Depending on how many photos and videos you have, it is likely the process will take a few hours. You can close out of the window if you choose and Google will send you an email when the photos are ready.

Download Photos

  1. Create a new folder in OneDrive and name it "Google Photos"
  2. Open the email sent from Google Takeout
  3. Download the folder(s) onto your computer
  4. Open File Explorer > Downloads
  5. Drag the downloaded folder(s) into your Google Photos folder in OneDrive
  6. Right-click each takeout folder > [Extract All] > [Extract]
    1. Please wait while the files are extracted

Note: If you are using Mac, and there is no [Extract All] option, simply double-click on the zipped folder to extract it. If double-clicking does not work, drag the folder to your desktop, and double-click on the folder now on your desktop.

Remove Unnecessary Files (Optional but Recommended)

    Open your Google Photos folder
  1. In the upper right corner, click in the search bar and type "json" > Press Enter
  2. Press Ctrl + a
  3. Press Delete

All of the json files should now be gone so that you can easily navigate through your photos. Feel free to also move all photos out of the individual takeout folders into the overall Google Photos folder to navigate through your photos easier. Afterwards you can delete the empty takeout folders.

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