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Pinned Article IT Summer 2024 Replacement FAQ

This article contains information pertinent to preparing a faculty/staff computer for an upgrade in the summer of 2023. Below details walkhroughs on how to use OneDrive, save your bookmarks, and other answers to frequently asked questions.

❓ Frequently Asked Questions

Collection of common concerns, questions, objections, and more for the CU in the Cloud migration.

⚡️ Quick Start Guide: OneDrive Sync

The OneDrive Sync Client makes your files in the cloud appear right where you need them.. Manage, share and edit files using apps already installed on your computer.

🔧 OneDrive Troubleshooting

Solutions for OneDrive crashing or files not opening in OneDrive.

🚚 Move Google Photos to OneDrive

The following instructions walk through how to move your Google Photos to OneDrive.

⚡️ Quick Start Guide: Microsoft Teams

Chat, Meet, Call, and Collaborate - All In One Place With Microsoft Teams.

⚡️ Quick Start Guide: OneDrive on the Web

Use the features of OneDrive and Microsoft 365 in a web browser. Access, manage and edit your files from any computer.

📁 Upload Files to OneDrive

Move your files to OneDrive using the Sync Client, a Web Browser, or by requesting a migration from IT.

🚚 Migrate Class files to OneDrive & SharePoint (S: & T: Drive Migration)

Use OneDrive and Sharepoint to replace S: and T: Drive functionality. Move your class files to the Cloud for ease of access and convenience.

Share Files in OneDrive and SharePoint

Share files and folders in OneDrive, and select the appropriate settings for your situation.

Sync Department Folders and Shared Libraries in OneDrive

Access Sharepoint files on your computer using the OneDrive Sync Client and the "Shortcut to My Files" button.

Recovering Deleted Information in OneDrive and Sharepoint

Lost something? OneDrive has you covered. Easily recover deleted or overwritten information using OneDrive's Recycle Bin and Version History.

Installing the Microsoft Teams App

Instructions for installing the Microsoft Teams application to your laptop or desktop computer.

Resolving Sync Problems in OneDrive

This article provides solutions when OneDrive files/folders aren't syncing across devices.