⚡️ Quick Start Guide: OneDrive Sync

About OneDrive

OneDrive is a cloud storage platform. This means that your files are stored on servers in the cloud, accessible to you from anywhere, using a variety of platforms, including: 

This article covers the first option above, which is the closest to the legacy network drive experience that OneDrive has replaced at Cedarville University

Synchronizing the files and folders from your OneDrive storage to your local computer allows you to work as though the files were actually on your computer.  This option means you can use the same familiar methods for opening, creating, deleting and moving files. 

Step 1: Install & Start the Sync Client

To synchronize files in OneDrive with your local computer, you must first have the OneDrive sync client installed on your computer. If you're using a University-provided computer, this step may already have been done for you. 

Once the Sync Client has been installed, make sure it's running, by searching for "OneDrive" in your start menu (MacOS: search for OneDrive" in Spotlight), and opening the OneDrive application.

Step 2: Find your Files

After you log in to the sync client, your personal files will be displayed under OneDrive - Cedarville University along the left side of Windows Explorer or the Finder on MacOS.

Windows 10:



Step 3: (Optional) Sync Your Shared Files

If you have files in SharePoint or in a Microsoft Teams team that you'd like to sync to your computer, follow the instructions here: 

Once the shortcut is added, you should see the files appear in your OneDrive folder within a few minutes. 

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