Using Office Phones

This article provides direction on the basic functions of VoIP phones.
VoIP phones are used in offices across campus to make internal and external calls. Instead of using traditional phone lines to transmit calls, VoIP phones use internet connection.

Click below to see an image naming the features of the VoIP phone handset:Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

Table of Contents


Check Call Log

Place a Call on Hold

Transfer a Call

Basic Transfer

Blind Transfer

Transfer to Voicemail

Make an Outgoing Call

Enable "Do Not Disturb"


Access via Phone

Access Online

Manage Voicemails

Send Voicemails to Email

Set Call Forwarding


Set Speed Dial Numbers

Change Voicemail Pin


Check Call Log

You easily access these your incoming, outgoing, and missed calls from the navigation arrow keys.

  • Left arrow key – Received calls
  • Right arrow key – Placed calls
  • Down arrow key – Missed calls
  • Up arrow key – Speed dial numbers
    From the list, you can use the [Dial] soft key to dial the number. Or use the left navigation key to close the call log.


Place Call on Hold

Note: Soft keys are located directly under the graphic display of the handset. Depending on what state the phone is in (e.g., in a menu, in the middle of a call, during a transfer), the soft keys will perform various functions. If an option is associated with the soft key, it will show above the key in the graphic display.

When the call is active, press the round [Hold] key (bottom left) or the [Hold] soft key. Callers will hear an automated message while on hold.

When a call is on hold, you may press a soft key to resume the call, start a new call on your personal line, transfer the caller to another line, or start a conference call (confrnc) with multiple lines (found by pressing the [More] soft key).

Note: If you have multiple lines on your phone, any lines on hold will show a flashing red light next to the line. When you press the line key, that call is automatically taken off hold.


Transfer a Call

Basic Transfer:
If you wish to speak with the person whom you are transferring the call to, perform a basic transfer.

  1. Press the "Transfer" button or the [Transfer] soft key.
  2. Dial the extension you wish to transfer to.
  3. Speak with the person on the line.
  4. Press the [Send] soft key when you are ready to complete the transfer.
    The call will transfer, and you may hang up the phone.

Blind Transfer
If you wish to transfer a call without speaking with the person you are forwarding the caller to, perform a blind transfer.

  1. With the current call open, press the "Transfer" button or the [Transfer] soft key.
  2. Press the [Blind] soft key.
  3. Dial the extension you wish to transfer to.
  4. When you are ready to transfer, press the [Send] soft key.
    The call will transfer, and you may hang up the phone.

Transfer to Voicemail:
You can transfer a caller directly to someone’s voicemail without ringing the person’s line.

  1. With the current call open, press the "Transfer" button or the [Transfer] soft key.
  2. Press the [Blind] soft key.
  3. Dial 9 + the extension you wish to transfer to.
    The call will transfer, and you may hang up the phone.

Make an Outgoing Call

These steps must be followed for all off-campus numbers.

  1. Dial "51."
  2. Dial the number's area code.
  3. Dial the other six digits of the number.
  4. Press the [Dial] soft key.


Enable "Do Not Disturb"

Press the [DND] soft key to set the phone to “Do Not Disturb.”

Press the [DND] soft key again to turn off “Do Not Disturb.”

Note: If your phone is linked to multiple lines, the "Do Not Disturb" will apply to all lines. Any other phones connected to those lines will still ring as usual.


Click below to see a chart of the voicemail menu options:Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

Access via Phone

  1. Press the messages button on the phone (envelope icon).
  2. Select the line for which you want to check messages, if your phone is configured for multiple lines.
    Your call will be answered by the automated voice message system.
  3. Press 1 to listen to your new voicemail
  4. Follow verbal instructions for other available actions.
    1. Information about message = Press 1
    2. Replay = Press 2
    3. Save = Press 3
    4. Delete = Press 4
    5. Forward = Press 5
    6. Play next message = Press #
  5. Press End Call to hang up.

Access Online

  1. Go to
  2. Log in using your phone extension number and password (passwords are 8+ digits).
  3. Click on the "VOICEMAILS" tab from the main menu.

    From here, you can see all the messages in your inbox, saved box, and trash.

Manage Voicemails

  • Listen to Voicemail: Click the play icon ( ). (2)
  • Move Voicemail: Click the "Move to..." dropdown button, and select your desired location. (4)
  • Delete Voicemail: Click the trash icon ( ). (3)
    Then, go to the "deleted" folder ("Current folder" dropdown menu), and click the trash icon again. (1)


Send Voicemails to Email

  1. Click the “SETTINGS” tab. (1)
  2. Click “User Settings.” (2)
  3. Type your email in the field labeled "Email" under the "Voicemail" heading. (3)
  4. Check “Attach audio.” (4)
  5. Click the green "Save" button at the bottom of the screen.


Set Call Forwarding
You can set your line to forward calls to another number, on or off campus, during any time you set. To turn on call forwarding, create a schedule and enable the forwarding rule.

To create a schedule:

  1. Click the “SETTINGS” tab. (1)
  2. Click “Call Forwarding.” (2)
  3. Click “Schedules." (6)
    Any existing schedules will display.
  4. Type a name for your schedule in the “Schedule Name” field.
  5. Click/type the time period you want to set up call forwarding for under "Day," "From," and "To."
  6. Click the addition icon ( ​​​​​​) if you want to add additional time periods. (4)
  7. Click "Add and save" and "Add new schedule" if you want to create a new schedule. (5)
  8. Click the green "Save" button when finished. (3)

To enable forwarding rule:

  1. Click “Set up."
    Any existing forward rules will show.
  2. Set the details of the new rule:
    Field “Extension will ring first for ____ seconds” "Active" "Condition"
    Direction                                                                                   Type a duration of time in the box.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Check the box to turn the forwarding rule on.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

    Click either “At the same time” or “If no response”
    to set when the call is forwarded from the dropdown menu.

    Note                                                                             This duration is how long the call will ring on the original line before forwarding.

    Selecting "At the same time" will cause the primary phone to ring only once before completely forwarding. Selecting "If no response" will cause the primary phone to ring for the amount of time you set in substep 1.
    "If no response" is the most common selection.

    Field "Schedule" "Forward to" "Timeout (s)"
    Direction Click your desired created schedule to set when the rule comes into effect from the dropdown menu. Type the number (with no dashes or spaces) you want the calls to be forwarded to in the box.  Type a duration of time (in seconds) in the box
    Note Make sure to type "51," followed by the area code, for any off-campus numbers. This duration is how long the call will ring on the forward line before going to the forward line's voicemail.

  3. Click "Save."

Note: To delete a rule, click the “Delete” icon ( ✖ ) at the end of the rule (you may need to use the horizontal scroll bar to scroll over to see the link.), then click "Save."


Set Speed Dial Numbers

Note: We highly recommended setting up your speed dial numbers on sipXecsBy setting up your speed dial on this resource, your settings and numbers will be retained even after the University resets the phone during maintenance. You may lose your numbers if you set up your speed dials on the phone itself.

  1. Go to
  2. Log in using your phone extension number and password (passwords are 8+ digits).
  3. Click on the "Speed dial" tab from the main menu.
  4. Set the details of your speed dial numbers:
    Field "Use group speed dials" "Number" "Presence"
    Direction                                                               Make sure this box is NOT checked if you want to create your own speed dials and keep the ones you have already made.                                                                                  Type in the phone number exactly how you would normally dial it.                                                                                                                                                                  

    Check this box if you want to enable BLF for your speed dials, if you speed dials are extension numbers.                                                                                         

    Note Only check this box if you decide to use the speed dials your system administrator set for your group instead of adding your own.                                                                                                                      You must dial "51” as the first digits to use an outside line. Do not use parentheses or dashes.  If you enable BLF (busy lamp field), the respective line key will light up when your speed dials are in a call.
    If a speed dial is not an extension number, you will not be able to successfully select this box.

  5. Click "Save and update phones." 
    Your phone will reboot. Your new speed dials will show on the empty lines on the phone's screen.


Change Voicemail PIN

  1. Go to
  2. Log in using your phone extension number and password (passwords are 8+ digits).
  3. Click the “SETTINGS” tab. (1)
  4. Click “User Settings.” (2)
  5. Type your new desired PIN number. (3)
  6. Click the green "Save" button when finished.



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