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University-owned technology.

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Device is Asking for BitLocker Key

This article outlines how to find your BitLocker key and how fac/staff can bypass BitLocker.

Konica: Install and Print to a Copier from a University Computer

Steps for installing and printing to Konica Minolta copiers from University-owned office computers.

Konica: Use a Copier to Copy or Scan

Steps for copying or scanning from University-owned Konica Minolta copiers.

Mac password doesn't match CedarNet password

How to update the old password saved locally on a Mac to match your new CedarNet credentials.

Quick Start Guide for Apple iPad

Tips and tricks for using an iPad Pro for everyday productivity tasks. (more content to come, based on suggestions)

Speaker Issue - Music Won't Play, Systems Sounds Work

This article details how to fix an issue on Windows machines where system sounds still work through the default speakers, but no music or audio can be heard otherwise.

Transfer University Cell Phone Number When Leaving the University

When faculty or staff members leave the university, many of them wish to keep their cell phone numbers from the their university provided cell phone. This article details how to complete this process.

Using Office Phones

This article provides direction on the basic functions of VoIP phones. Many topics are covered, including transferring a call, checking your voicemail, and setting up speed dial numbers.

View Backups of Former Employee's Computer

How to access a former employee's termination backup within the one-year timeframe provided by IT.