🔒 Reactivate DUO Two-Factor Authentication on a New Mobile Device

Duo Two-Factor Authentication is an additional security method that Cedarville promotes in order to increase University account security for participating students, faculty, and staff.  Per our network account management policies, we do not provide Duo to alumni accounts.  Alum can set up Microsoft Authenticator for similar protections through https://selfservice.cedarville.edu/CedarInfo/TwoFactorEnrollment  For more information, see the help page Two-Factor Authentication FAQ.

When participants of Two-Factor Authentication receive a new smartphone (with the same phone number), the Duo Push ("Send me a Push") authentication method no longer works. To log in to your account, you must use either the "Phone call" or "Text message passcode" authentication method by clicking "Other options". To learn how to reactive your smartphone, read the instructions below.

Reactivate Duo Push on a New Smartphone (Same Phone Number)

To enable the Duo Push authentication method on your new smartphone with the same phone number as your previous smartphone, you will need to reactivate Duo Mobile on your new smartphone. 

  1. Download the Duo Mobile App to your new smartphone. 
  2. Once the app is installed, use an incognito window, by clicking the 3 vertical dots on right of screen in Chrome or new private window by clicking File in Safari in your web browser on another device to access a CU resource (like Self-Service). After entering your email address & password, you'll see the Duo prompt. 
    Note: you'll want to use another device because during the process, you'll be given a QR code on the screen to scan with your phone.

  3. Click "Other options."

  4. Click "Manage devices." 

  5. Choose the "Phone call" or "Text message passcode" authentication method to access your Duo account settings.

  6. Click "I have a new phone."

  7. Follow the prompts until your new device is set up.

Reactivate Duo Mobile with a New Phone Number (Same or Old Device)

To complete this process you will need your new smartphone and a laptop or desktop.

  1. Download the Duo Mobile App to your new smartphone. 
  2. Once the app is installed, use an incognito window or private window in your web browser on the laptop or desktop to access a CU resource (like Self-Service). After entering your CU email address & CU password, you'll see the Duo prompt on your laptop or desktop.
  3. Choose an authentication method and complete the Duo authentication. If you do not have access to any of the enrolled devices, contact a Duo Administrator to request a new activation link or a bypass code
  4. Click "Add a device."
  5. Click "Duo Mobile."
  6. Enter your phone number.
  7. Click "Add phone number."
  8. Delete your old smartphone number.
    The Duo authentication methods should now work on your new smartphone.

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