Managing J: Drive Folder Access (End User Instructions)

End User Instructions

If you’ve been given access to the Manage Employees’ CedarNet Authorization menu option in Cedarinfo, here are some instructions on how to use the program.  If this is the first time you’ve been given access to the menu option, and you don’t see it yet, you may need to logout of Cedarinfo and back in for it to appear.

Generally speaking, we create a group in our network for every J: drive folder.  For example, the members of the ABC_Group are given access to the J:\ABC folder.  They can open the files that are in that folder, as well as create and delete files from that folder, as well as any sub-folders.

This interface allows you to add and remove users from the group(s) to which you have been given management responsibility.

When you first click on the link in Cedarinfo, you are taken to the home page.  This will show a list of groups which you can manage.  Simply click on the name of the group, which is listed under the Group column, to see the current members of the group.  

To add a member to the group, go to the Add Member section and click on the change link.  This will bring up a dialog box into which you can enter the first few letters of the last name of the person to be added.  Click on the person you wish to add and the dialog box should disappear.  You should see the person’s name now listed next to the change link.  Click the Add button to complete the process.  You should see a confirmation message on the screen that says they have been successfully added to the group.  They may not immediately show up in the list on the screen.  Refresh the web browser screen by pressing F5 key or click on the Home link underneath the LDAP Group Admin title and then click on the group name.  The changes should now be reflected on the screen.

To remove a member of the group, simply check the box next to their name and click on the Remove button, which is located at the end of the list of current members.  Again, you should see a confirmation message that says they have been successfully removed from the group.

If you have any questions, please contact the Information Technology department at 7905.


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