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Cedarville offers online distance education courses to a number of different students. High school students can use the CollegeNow program to gain college credit. International students can take classes from home or wherever they may be traveling. Graduate students can take classes as they work in the field.

If you are an online student, this page will give you some basic information on navigating the Cedarville website and technologies, such as email and Moodle. To begin, you will need to navigate to the Cedarville student homepage. Everything you need can be accessed from there.

Username and Password Information

You created your username and password when you started your application to Cedarville. Use this username and password to access almost all of the services here at Cedarville: myCU portal, email, Moodle, etc. (The only exceptions to this are online transactions for the Bookstore and the Library here on campus - they require separate methods for loggin in.)

If you want to change your password or have forgotten your password, see the help page CU: Change or Reset Your Password.

  • Usernames are not case-sensitive.
  • If you enter your username and password three times incorrectly, you will be temporarily locked out of the Cedarville login. You may try to log in again in 30 minutes, or contact Information Technology if you need your account unlocked immediately.
  • You will have the opportunity to change your username twice a year. Look for a notification email from Dr. David Rotman (Assoc. VP for Technology/CIO) toward the end of Fall and Spring semesters for specific instructions.

Access Your Email

Email is used extensively by professors to communicate with students about coursework. Check your University email account frequently for the latest updates!

Your Cedarville University email address is composed of your username plus the domain: For example, if your username is "jbrown," then your email address is

To Retrieve Email:

  1. Open an Internet browser (i.e., Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer).
  2. Navigate to Google Mail (
  3. Type in your CedarNet username and password when prompted. Type in the username only; do not type the domain.
  4. Click [Login].

To Attach a File to an Email:

See the IT help page Google Mail: Attach a File to an Email.

Access Your Network Storage Space

As a Cedarville student, you have access to 10 GB of personal storage space on the Cedarville network, which is called your "H Drive." Your H: drive is physically located on a network server and is secure and not accessible to other general users.

You also have access to the S: drive. Instructors may store class files on the S: network drive for your use. In addition, collaborative space may be arranged on the T: drive for group projects. View the Access H, J, S, T Drives from Off-Campus article for more information. 

Campus Visit Resources

If you are taking a class on-campus, staying in the residence halls, or even coming to campus for a visit, there are some special resources you may want to take advantage of.

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