Academic Calendar Event Entry

Academic Calendar Admin

  • The front-facing academic calendar is available here -
  • Log in to the calendar admin
  • Add or edit the entry
  • The Event Title should match what is on the printed PDF, with the following exception:
    • When an entry applies to both graduate and undergraduate, list the applicable items at the end of the title.
      • Academic levels move from lower to higher (Dual Enrollment > Undergrad > Masters > Doctorate), so "Undergraduate" will always appear first in the list at the end.
      • EXAMPLE: Instruction begins at 8 a.m. - Dual Enrollment Undergraduate, M.Div. & M.Min. (res)
    • Some entries will need to be nearly duplicated to allow for date differences between programs. For instance, "Dual Enrollment (online)" has a different fall break than "Dual Enrollment (Commuter), Undergraduate...".
    • Specificity
      • Use "(online)" for online programs (Dual Enrollment, etc.)
      • Use "(commuter)" for Dual Enrollment commuter entries
      • Use "(res)" for residential graduate programs like M.Min.
    • Make sure an entry doesn't already exist that just needs to edited before creating a new calendar entry.
  • Event Category List: Academic
  • Department Sponsor: Academic Vice-President
  • Event Tags
    • Every entry
      • Departments > Academic Vice-President
      • Miscellaneous > Academic Calendar
      • Miscellaneous > Faculty
      • Miscellaneous > Staff
      • Miscellaneous > Student
    • Dual Enrollment
      • Program Tags > Dual Enrollment
    • Undergraduate
      • Program Tags > Undergraduate
    • Graduate
      • Program Tags > Graduate
      • Tag every program that it applies to
        • Programs > GraduateAndAdult > ProgramName
    • Use the "Show Selected Tags" button to confirm you have them correct.
  • Event Description will typically just duplicate the title.
  • For items that have a particular time (e.g. Instruction begins at 8 a.m.), be sure to set it in the Event Start Time.
  • Only use the Event End Date for multi-day events.
  • Only use the Event End Time for events that have a particular end time.

NOTE: When you make changes via the calendar admin, you must clear the cache on the front-end so that the changes show. You can do that by appending "usecache=false" to the URL you are viewing, e.g.


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