Personally Owned Computers and Devices

Each residence hall room is equipped with a port for connecting personally-owned computers to the University network. Complete guidelines for personally-owned computers and devices are available on the IT website. The following is a summary of the guidelines for personally-owned computers and devices.

Minimum Software Requirements

Students should install current anti-virus software on any computer that will be attached to the campus network. (Cedarville University recommends Microsoft Security Essentials for student systems. A link to download the software is available on the IT website.)  Personally-owned systems should also be patched with the most recent operating system updates (see for Windows-based systems).

Electrical Damage

The University will not be held responsible for damage to devices owned by individuals in the event of power surges or other electrical issues. It is the responsibility of the individual student to provide adequate surge protection for his or her devices.

Support, Security, and Reliability Issues


The IT website contains step-by-step instructions for the most common setup needs. If you experience error messages or suitable help is not available on the website, please submit an Information Technology request. Some fee-based troubleshooting and repair is available through IT Service Center assistance. Network cables are available for purchase in the University bookstore.


Wired and/or wireless routers or network switches may not be connected to the Cedarville University network. All devices attached to the network must meet Ethernet or Wi-Fi standards. Any device that extends, rebroadcasts, or repeats the Cedarville University network may not be connected to a network port or wireless network on campus without explicit permission from Cedarville University Information Technology. 

Some devices connected to the network must be registered. The registered owner of any device will be held responsible for all traffic passing through or originating from that device.


The University reserves the right to isolate or disconnect any device from the network that appears to be causing network problems or appears to be infected with malicious software (e.g., a virus).

The University reserves the right to analyze network traffic from any or all devices connected to the network. Any sensitive information should only be shared through a secure connection.

The University reserves the right to prohibit devices that cause interference with wireless networking equipment.

Appeal Process

If you believe that the guidelines listed above for personal devices prevent you from adequately using the Cedarville University network for your academic endeavors, please use the following form to request an exception: Wireless & Internet: Ask for Help.

Include in your request: 

  • A description of the exception that you are asking for
  • Explanation of how you would use the network resources you would like to connect
  • How long the exception would need to be in place


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