Activate my Residence Hall Ethernet Port

Ethernet port activation is no longer required.  Each dorm room now has a white wireless access point mounted on the wall.  Some dorms may have another jack in the room on the opposing wall which is no longer used. The new access points have at least two network jacks on the bottom of the access point that already active. The ones with either red or blue stickers can be used as regular network jacks.

Please see Personally Owned Computers & Devices for more information about devices you can and cannot connect to your Ethernet port. 

Explicitly prohibited devices include: 

  • Wired/Wireless Routers
  • Network Switches
  • WiFi Repeaters/Extenders
  • WiFi/Ethernet bridges or port replicators

The University reserves the right to isolate or disconnect any device from the network that appears to be causing network problems or appears to be infected with malicious software.



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