Wireless and Internet

Learn how to connect to Cedarville's wireless networks, register a device for use on CedarNet, and report any problems with accessing the internet.

Services (6)

Wireless & Internet: Connect to wireless

Options for using Cedarville University's wireless networks.

Wireless & Internet: Register my Wi-Fi device

Register your wireless device for the cu-manual network.

Wireless & Internet: Ask for Help/Report a Problem

Report a problem accessing wireless or the internet.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) Access

For granting secure access back to CedarNet from off-campus

Activate my Residence Hall Ethernet Port

Use this form to request activation of your residence hall Ethernet port. Specify the name of your dorm and your dorm room number in the Location and Location Room fields in this form.

Request Communication Jacks and Cabling

New communication outlet boxes or jacks for network, telephone, and/or video services installation. Pricing is based on the number of jacks/outlets requested and the urgency of the request.