Computer Purchasing Discounts (Students, Faculty, and Staff)

Individual students, faculty, or staff who wish to purchase computers are eligible to purchase Apple and Dell systems at a discounted price. All configuration, pricing, and ordering can be done online via these websites:

Apple Online Store
Dell/University Online Store

For information about what features to look for when shopping for a computer, please see our Hardware/Software Recommendations.

Most of the university computers on campus are Windows-based, but we do have a number of students who use Apple computers. The choice of buying Windows vs. Apple would depend on your personal tastes, budget, etc.


Please note:

  • Student-owned computers can access Google Mail and the Internet directly and can access selected software titles via the Cedarville Virtual Computer Lab. See the IT Service Counter page for more information.
  • College-level work includes significant writing (that must conform to established style guides) and may include use of a variety of software applications. We recommend that students have a laptop or desktop computer for this purpose. A tablet can be used but should be viewed as a supplementary device.
  • Departments wishing to buy computers must consult with Information Technology prior to the purchase. In general, buying a system other than our standard-issue system will result in higher costs over the life of the system (even if the initial purchase price might be lower).
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