Colleague UI 5 Doesn't Look Correct

Perform a hard refresh on the login page

  1. On the Colleague UI login page, hit Ctrl+F5 keyboard combination
  2. After it is done loading, log in to Colleague UI and check if that fixed it.

Clear your Browser Cache

Please note that this will cause other sites you have open or are authenticated to to require you to log in again.  So make sure you do this at a time you aren't actively doing work in your other browser tabs.

  1. On the Colleague UI login page, hit Ctrl+Shift+Del keyboard combination
  2. A box will pop up titled something like "Clear browsing data"
  3. For the time range (if there is one) select "All time"
  4. Depending on your browser, the wording may be slightly different but make sure to check the following options
    1. Cached images and files
    2. Content settings
    3. Hosted app data
  5. Any other options you may choose to leave checked or unchecked if you wish
  6. Now click "Clear Data"
  7. Refresh the Colleague UI login page, and log in again

After clearing your browser cache, this will cause pop-ups from screens like SFAV not to open in a new tab anymore.  Please perform the steps found in Colleague UI 5 doesn't open pop-up windows to re-enable pop-ups working properly.

Try another browser or incognito

If the current browser you are using is still having issues, please try another internet browser or open incognito and see if this issue is still occurring.

Other browsers you can try

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Opera
  • Safari

Opening incognito

  • From within your current browser session, if you type the Ctrl+Shift+N keyboard combination a new window will open incognito
  • Otherwise you can look in the upper right menu for an option about opening "incognito" or "private browsing"

Trouble paging within Colleague forms

New users of Colleague 5.x may have difficulty getting to subsequent pages of information in the interface.  The problem is that the page control shows up near the top of the page (under the form ID and name), instead of just above the block of information which consists of multiple pages, as was the case in Colleague 4.6.  The user must click in any field in the section of information, and then the page control appears near the top of the form.

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