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Colleague, RaisersEdge, Slate, and other systems of an administrative nature.

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Pinned Article Maintenance of Stackable Financial Aid Awards

This article explains when a financial aid award is considered "stackable", and how the codes for these awards are managed.

Annual CWS Prospect List

This article provides information regarding an annual report relating to federal work study (CWS) which is provided to the Financial Aid Office.

Campus Store Daily Transaction Processing

This article provides information regarding the processing of Campus Store daily transaction files received from the vendor.

Checking Grade Changes & Updating SAP

This article provides information regarding student grade changes, and corresponding changes that may be required for students' SAP statuses.

Colleague UI 5 Doesn't Look Correct

If after a Colleague UI upgrade your browser is having difficulty displaying the screens correctly, please try the following.

Converting Between Colleague IDs And Prox IDs

This article discusses a procedure for converting a list between Colleague IDs and prox IDs.

Financial Aid Packager Reduction of Award Amounts

This article provides possible solutions to financial aid automatic packaging issues where specific award amounts are being reduced to zero.

Financial Aid Selection by FAFSA Criteria

This article provides information about a paragraph that can be utilized to select FAFSA records by criteria, to provide listings and counts to University offices.

Google Mail: Email University Groups

Google Mail allows you to email University groups, such as faculty and staff, a specific class (junior, senior), a specific residence hall, a specific department, or a specific major or minor.

Hiring Supervisor Updates in Student Employment System

This article provides steps required for staff/faculty to be added as a "hiring supervisor" for student workers within SEAS.

Identifying Processed Paragraphs in Putty Menus

This article explains how to identify a paragraph being processed within menus called from the command line in Putty.

Informer 4 Login Error

Trouble logging into Informer 4.

Instructions To Run FA Over Award Report

This article describes how to run the OAWR process in Colleague, which is used by the Financial Aid Office to generate weekly reports.

ISIR Processing For Verification

This article provides information on processing of ISIR records that is done with respect to financial aid verification.

Maintaining Schedules For Informer Reports

This article explains how to set up an Informer report to automatically run on certain days and times (i.e. add a new schedule to a report).

Multiple-Value Fields in Informer

This article provides information regarding selection of specific values from multiple-value fields in Informer reports.

OCOG Batch Upload Information

This article provides general instructions and operational notes regarding the process to generate OCOG certification data.

Operational Notes on Student Employment Administration System

This article provides some operational notes regarding the Student Employment Administration System (SEAS).

PDF Settings for Colleague Use in Certain Browsers

This article provides options when having problems downloading PDFs from Colleague when in certain web browsers.

Reporting New Students For Upcoming Term

This article provides details regarding a report used to list incoming students.

Scanning Problems At Dining Hall

This article notes several issues that can cause problems when attempting to scan a university ID card at campus dining locations.

Self-Service Financial Aid - General Notes

This article provides general information regarding Self-Service Financial Aid access and use.

Set Default Program For File Type

This article discusses a method to set the default program for a file type in the Windows 10 environment.

Staff Access to MyFinancialAid & Offer Letter

This article explains the procedure for granting staff access to MyFinancialAid and eAwards.

Student Job Counts by Department

This article explains processing done for the "Student Jobs by Department" page on the website.

Submitting Final Grades via myCU

This article provides a catalog for any issues which may be encountered when submitting final student grades via myCU.

Updating Processing Rules Using RLDE

This article provides some tips with regard to changing conditional statements in rules via the Colleague RLDE screen.