Telephones: Move My On-Campus Telephone Extension to Microsoft Teams

Use this form to request to move your on-campus telephone extension to Microsoft Teams. In your request, please specify which extension you'd like us to move to Teams.

Please note that this process will move all inbound calls from off-campus to Microsoft Teams. Your desk phone (if you have one) will no longer ring for inbound calls: all inbound calls will be routed through Teams. (Your desk phone will still be able to make outbound calls, however, and you can still receive calls from on-campus phones). 

We are currently unable to route shared lines through Microsoft Teams. 

If you are not signed into Teams when a call comes in, or if you do not answer, callers will be direct to the Microsoft Teams voicemail system. You will get email notifications for any new voicemail, sent directly to your Cedarville University email. 

Move My Extension


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Thu 4/1/21 2:48 PM
Thu 4/1/21 3:17 PM