Acceptable Network Use

Cedarville University provides students with access to network and computing resources as an integral part of the educational environment. Students using these resources should do so responsibly and consistently with the University mission and objectives.

Note: The University reserves the right to define and enforce appropriate regulations to ensure that the use of these resources is consistent with the University mission. Enforcement of these regulations may involve (at the University's discretion) monitoring of stored disk files and electronic transmissions. Use of the network and computing facilities implies consent to these regulations and monitoring activity.

Network Security

  • Students are expected to take reasonable precautions to guard the privacy of their passwords.
  • Students are responsible for any use of their accounts.
  • Residential students are responsible for any computer use or network access that occurs in their residence hall rooms (including email or instant messages sent from their rooms).

We recommend that you:

  • Don’t leave any computer unattended while you are logged on.
  • Change your password as necessary and avoid passwords that would be easy for others to guess.
  • Be very careful about delegating access to your Google Mail account.

Access to Pornographic or Obscene Websites

Within the Christian community, use of online pornography is a serious threat. Students are prohibited from accessing pornographic or obscene websites or creating links to such sites. We regularly conduct scans of all Internet activity to ensure that members of the Cedarville community are not using University computers or the University network to access this type of material. Repeated violations of viewing or accessing pornography can result in probation, suspension, or dismissal.

Use of Copyrighted Material

Inappropriate transfers of copyrighted material to or from one of our computers, or via the University network, violate our commitment to honesty and integrity. Such transfers violate state and federal law and are strictly forbidden. Examples of prohibited transfers/downloads include:

  • Downloading copyrighted music without permission from an authorized distributor
  • Making personal copies of software that is licensed to the University
  • Copying another person’s files without his or her permission
  • Installing software on a computer without first obtaining an appropriate license

Browsing and Unauthorized Use or Access

Students are expected to respect the privacy and property of others. Therefore, unauthorized browsing of data, files, or directories that belong to the University or to others is prohibited. It is also inappropriate to interfere with someone else’s legitimate computer use by corrupting his or her files or by introducing deviant software (worms, viruses, etc.). To protect the rights of all users, we strictly prohibit the possession of programs designed to breach security or gain unauthorized access.

Respecting Others with Email and Network Communications

Students are asked to demonstrate respect and kindness to others through all forms of online communications. Emails, instant messages, and all online postings should be consistent with the ideals of our Cedarville Covenant. Messages that harass, offend, or annoy others are inappropriate. Chain letters and “spamming” are also prohibited. Students should not send out unsolicited email to groups of more than 25 recipients unless it represents an official announcement from an approved student organization.

Use of Online Classified Advertisements

The University provides an online "Cedarville Classifieds" ad service for things like selling books or finding a ride home for the weekend. Students are asked to use this free service for all personal high-volume notices (more than 25 recipients). Students should avoid sending other types of unsolicited email to large groups unless it is an official notice related to a University event, program, or student organization.

Stewardship of Equipment and Supplies

Students are expected to treat all equipment with appropriate care. All repairs or modifications to University-owned equipment must be done by information technology staff. Students are not allowed to open the cases for any campus-owned computer. Food is not allowed in public computing labs. However, beverages in covered containers are permitted.

Students are also asked to be good stewards of all computer-related resources. Students are granted a generous print quota at the start of each semester for black and white laser printing. Laser printers are available in the Centennial Library, open-access computer labs, computer classrooms and CedarPrint stations. Multiple copies of papers, campaign signs, or announcements should be made on photocopy machines rather than on computer printers. Students should not remove supplies from the labs for their own private use.

Actions Taken for Computer Violations


  • Unauthorized copying, transferring, or allowing or facilitating the transfer of copyrighted material
  • Unauthorized attempts to access or browse data, files, or directories that belong to the University or others
  • Unauthorized use of another person’s account
  • Interfering with someone else’s legitimate computer use by corrupting files or introducing deviant software such as worms or viruses
  • Possession of programs designed to gain unauthorized access or steal passwords
  • Accessing, possessing, or distributing pornographic or obscene material (this includes establishing links to web pages of this nature)

Immediate Dismissal

  • Breaking or attempting to break computer security
  • Unauthorized attempts to access or browse data, files, or directories that belong to the University or others
  • Unauthorized use of another person’s account
  • Unauthorized alteration of any electronic data or information files
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