CedarPrint Wireless Printing FAQ

Where can I get help with CedarPrint?

If you experience difficulty with CedarPrint software, the following FAQs and the troubleshooting options directly below may resolve your issue.

  • Install the Latest CedarPrint. Make sure you've installed the latest version of CedarPrint on Mac or Windows.

  • Make sure your laptop is connected to eduroam. You cannot wirelessly print unless you are logged into the eduroam wireless network. CedarPrint will not work with cu-guest. For information on how to set up eduroam, please click the link for the Wireless Connection to eduroam help page.
  • Restart the University computer. If you are having trouble printing from a University computer, restart the computer.

If this page does not resolve the issue you are having, please take your laptop to the IT Service Center (north side of the Tyler Digital Communication Center—external glass door facing the Milner Business Administration Building). The IT Service Center is open from 11 am - 4:30 pm, Mondays through Fridays during the academic year and by appointment only during the summer term and over breaks.

If the issue involves a University computer, please submit a ServeCU request.

What is CedarPrint wireless printing? 

Cedarville University’s wireless printing service, called CedarPrint, allows students, faculty, and staff to print from a laptop or other mobile device (e.g., smartphone, tablet, etc.) to a University printer via on-campus print stations.

When the print job is submitted to CedarPrint, it is held for 24 hours in a queue, available to be released and printed immediately at one of 15 physical CedarPrint stations scattered around campus. 

Can I use CedarPrint from off-campus?

To print from off-campus, consider using WebPrint. WebPrint is an online tool that enables students to print directly to a CedarPrint station from off-campus or on-campus from a any device that allows you  browser to upload the file you would like to print.

You can find instructions at CedarPrint: Use WebPrint from any Internet Browser

Can I use CedarPrint on my laptop?

Yes! Please use the instructions for Mac or Windows laptops. 

Can I use CedarPrint on my Chromebook?

Yes! Please use the Mobility Print Chrome App or WebPrint instructions.

Note: With the sunset of Google Cloud Print in December 2020, Google Cloud print will no longer be supported. 

Can I use CedarPrint on my mobile devices?

Yes! Please use the iOS instructions to print from your Apple (iPhone/iPad) device.

You can print directly from your Android mobile device using Mobility Print.

You can print directly from any Chromebook or Chrome Browser by using the Mobility Print Chrome App (Instructions)

You can also use Cedarville's online tool called WebPrint on most mobile devices (Instructions).

Can I use CedarPrint on a University Classroom or Lab computer?

Yes! You can print from a University computer to the CedarPrint queue.

CedarPrint should already be installed in computer labs and classrooms.

Please submit an online service ticket if CedarPrint does not display as a printer on a University computer. 

I'm Confused! Should I Use Mobility Print, CedarPrint, or WebPrint?

Please see: Choosing the Right Way to Access CedarPrint

How do I check my CedarPrint queue?

To check your CedarPrint queue from any computer with Internet access:

  1. Navigate to https://printing.cedarville.edu
  2. Sign in with your Cedarville University username and password.
  3. On the right-hand sidebar, select Jobs Pending Release
  4. Your jobs waiting in the CedarPrint queue will be displayed.

Where are the CedarPrint stations located?

View map of CedarPrint locations

There are fifteen CedarPrint stations around campus:

Academic Buildings:

  • Apple Technology Resource Center - commuter lounge
  • Callan Athletic Center - hallway (near elevator)
  • Centennial Library - alcove (near vending machines)
  • Center for Biblical and Theological Studies - atrium (near room 101)
  • Dixon Ministry Center - lobby (across from the Journalism lab)
  • Engineering and Science building - second floor lobby (near room 245)
  • Health Sciences Center - second floor lobby (near elevator)
  • Milner Business Administration Building - main lobby
  • Steven's Student Center - upper level lobby (across from Admissions)
  • Steven's Student Center - lower level (by Rinnova Internet Cafe)
  • Tyler Digital Communication Center - first floor (near elevator)

Residence Halls: 

  • Miter Center (Between McKinney & McChesney)
  • Greene Center (Between St. Clair & Johnson)
  • Younger Center (Between Murphy & Rickard)


  • Center for Biblical and Theological Studies, room 111

Does printing from my laptop affect my print quota?

Yes. When you send a print job to CedarPrint, it is held in a print queue for 24 hours. If you do not release the print job from a CedarPrint release station, it is deleted from the queue, and your print quota is unaffected. However, as soon as the print job is released and printed at a CedarPrint release station, your print quota is reduced accordingly. If the printer is out of toner or the printout is somehow unusable, please submit a ServeCU request and click "Print Quota Refund" to request a print quota adjustment.


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