Accounts and Access

Cedarville University provides a variety of services that require specific accounts and access levels. Your affiliation and role determines much of what you can access and who can assist you in gaining access.

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Cedarville University provides an official university email account to all staff, faculty, students and maintained for alumni and retirees. Official university correspondence is sent through email and faculty, staff and students will need to access this email account on a regular and timely basis in order to stay current with university related communications.

All CU email account addresses follow the format of: Google's G-Suite cloud-based email system provides users with access to email, communication and collaboration services that may be accessed by mobile, desktop, and web-based applications.

Services (11)

Accounts & Access: Create a temporary account

Service to create a temporary CedarNet account.

Accounts & Access: Enhanced account security

Two-factor authentication (TFA) provides additional University account security for participating students, faculty, and staff.

Accounts & Access: Request a change in access rights

Request access to network resources and applications.

Accounts & Access: Request Access to SSNs in Colleague

Request access to Social Security Numbers in Colleague.

Accounts & Access: Request Access to the Colleague Colon Prompt

Request access to the Colleague colon prompt.

Accounts & Access: Sign up for emergency notifications

Signup to receive emergency notifications.

Accounts and Access: Request Microsoft Bookings for Appointment Scheduling

Use this service to request Microsoft Bookings for your department's appointment scheduling solution.

Self Service & Parent Access Maintenance

Issues/requests regarding Self Service and Parent Access Maintenance

Accounts & Access: Ask for Help

Report a problem with an account or an access issue.