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Accounts & Access: Ask for Help

Report a problem with an account or an access issue.

Accounts & Access: Create a temporary account

Service to create a temporary CedarNet account.

Accounts & Access: Enhanced account security

Two-factor authentication (TFA) provides additional University account security for participating students, faculty, and staff.

Accounts & Access: Request a change in access rights

Request access to network resources and applications.

Accounts & Access: Request Access to SSNs in Colleague

Request access to Social Security Numbers in Colleague.

Accounts & Access: Request Access to the Colleague Colon Prompt

Request access to the Colleague colon prompt.

Accounts & Access: Sign up for emergency notifications

Signup to receive emergency notifications.

Accounts and Access: Request Microsoft Bookings for Appointment Scheduling

Use this service to request Microsoft Bookings for your department's appointment scheduling solution.

Accounts Payable

Accounts Receivable and Cash Receipts

Activate my Residence Hall Ethernet Port

Use this form to request activation of your residence hall Ethernet port. Specify the name of your dorm and your dorm room number in the Location and Location Room fields in this form.

Administrative Services: Colleague

Administrative Systems: Report an Issue

Use this page to report something that no longer works with Colleague, RaisersEdge, Medicat, Slate, or any other administrative system.

Administrative Systems: Request a Report or Data

Use this page to request a new report to be built or to request a one-time data file.

Administrative Systems: Request Help

Use this page to request help regarding an administrative system such as Colleague, RaisersEdge, Canvas, and AEFIS.

Administrative Systems: Request New Project

Use this page to request a new project.


Ask for Course Design Help

Request help in designing or redesigning a course.

Ask for Course Help

Request help for a current course.


Canvas: Report an Issue

Service for reporting an issue or outage related to Canvas.

Chapel Attendance

Classrooms & Labs: Ask for Help / Report a Problem

Report technology related problems in classroom and lab spaces.

Classrooms & Labs: Request a Setup

AV and Tech2Go Requests require a two-business day notification. This allows evaluation of available stock and, if possible, prep of equipment for deployment. Request an AV equipment setup or Tech2Go temporary laptop.

Colleague Administration

Colleague UI

Service for requests, incidents, problems, changes, etc. concerning Colleague UI

Course Change Request

Request changes to online courses.


Ellucian Identity Services

Ellucian Mobile App



Financial Aid



Hardware/Software Recommendations

Hardware/Software Recommendations for students and parents to reference for purchasing hardware and software.

Human Resources


MBA Course Change Request

Service to manage Subject Matter Expert (SME) changes for the MBA program.


Office Devices : Request a Temporary Setup

AV Requests require a 24 hour window, Tech2Go requires a 48 hour window. Request an AV equipment setup or Tech2Go temporary notebook.

Office Devices: Request Digital Signage

Request new Digital Sign setup or convert existing CU-Signs digital sign to Rise Vision.

Office Devices: Ask for Help / Report a Problem

Request assistance or notify us of any issues with AV, classroom, and office University Technology

Office Devices: Request a Purchase Quote

Request a purchase or quote of a computer, printer or any item you or your department needs.

Office Devices: Request an Office Move

Request movement of University owned hardware.

Office Devices: Request iPad or Webcam

Request an Academic iPad or webcam for classroom instruction

Office Devices: Request Printer Toner

Request replacement toner for a Cedarville University-owned printer.



Personal Computer Buying Options

The university recommends options for buying personal computer equipment.

Personal Devices: Ask for Help

Find and request assistance / support for your personal technology.

Personal Devices: Request Consultation

Request assistance with finding and purchasing your technology needs

Printing: CedarPrint

IT provides printing through CedarPrint.

Printing: Refund Print Quota

Request a print quota refund.

Printing: Report a Problem/Request Help

Report a problem with a university owned office or lab printer.

Printing: Request Toner

Request replacement toner for your Cedarville University owned laser printer.


Registration and Records

Remote Support: Bomgar Session

Request an IT Bomgar Session to chat and receive support

Report Phishing Email

Report a phishing or scam email message.

Request a change to Email or Calendar account or access

Request an IT Kaizen Event

Request IT to lead a Lean Six Sigma Kaizen Event.

Request Communication Jacks and Cabling

New communication outlet boxes or jacks for network, telephone, and/or video services installation. Pricing is based on the number of jacks/outlets requested and the urgency of the request.

Request Course Review

Request a course review.

Request Scantron/Appscan Forms

Request Scantron/Appscan Forms

Residence Life


See Active Opportunities

Link to active bid opportunities

Self Service

Service for requests, incidents, problems, changes, etc. concerning Self Service

Self Service & Parent Access Maintenance

Issues/requests regarding Self Service and Parent Access Maintenance

Software: Request help with software

Use the Request Service form for questions or assistance with any software in use at Cedarville University or to report a problem or issue with software.

Software: Request new software

Request installation of currently-owned software or the purchase of new software

Submit Bid Package

Submit a requested response to Information Technology requests for quotation or proposal.

Submit Bid Question

Submit questions regarding an open initiative opportunity

Submit General Question or Support Request

Submit a general IT-related question or report a general IT issue.


Telephone: Ask for Help or Report Problem

Report an issue with your university telephone.

Telephone: Request Change in Cell Phone Service

Use this page to submit a request to change an existing telephone service.

Telephones: Move My On-Campus Telephone Extension to Microsoft Teams

Use this form to request that your extension be moved to Microsoft Teams.



Service for requests, incidents, problems, changes, etc. concerning Unidata

University-provided Cellphones: Report Problem

Report a problem with your university-provided cellphone.

University-provided Cellphones: Request Change in Service

Request a change in service for your university-provided cellphone.


Video Recording Request

A service to record video for academic events.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) Access

For granting secure access back to CedarNet from off-campus


Web Services: Report an Issue

Use this page to report an issue with a Cedarville University web page or web site.

Web Services: Request a web service

Use this page to submit a web-related design service request.

Web Services: Video Streaming, Ensemble

Use this page to submit a request or report an issue involving Video Streaming or Ensemble.


Service for requests, incidents, problems, changes, etc. concerning WebAPI

Wireless & Internet: Ask for Help/Report a Problem

Report a problem accessing wireless or the internet.

Wireless & Internet: Connect to wireless

Options for using Cedarville University's wireless networks.

Wireless & Internet: Register my Wi-Fi device

Register your wireless device for the cu-manual network.